Why currently foreign countries and their Somali partners are particularly targeting the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and its leadership?

Why currently foreign countries and their Somali partners are particularly targeting the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and its leadership? 

It is obvious, that this has not been the case in the past, and countries that do not prefer the prospect of a strong Somali Government have not seen NISA as a threat to their interest nor to their interference to the Somali National Security.

However, NISA and its leader Fahad Yasin are currently being targeted by the Somali enemy. We can confirm that the false propaganda and defamations against Fahad Yasin are not personal, but because of his successful leadership and achievements.

NISA’s capacity has been transformed since Fahad Yasin took over the leadership of the organization. Fahad Yasin is locally known as the (Nations strong man), and this is due to his leadership that effectively advanced NISA’s capability to be able to protect the National security.

Leading by action and by example is what making NISA leadership a successful game-changer. 
Furthermore, the quick unanticipated positive advancements about NISA capability resulted that some of the Somali foreign competitors compare or sometimes twin NISA with other powerful country’s intelligence agencies such as Pakistan and Turkey.

The transformation of the National Intelligence and Security Agency is not limited to capacity building and enhancing the agency’s reputation, which has allowed it to be valued and respected by Somalia’s allies, But significant parts of the organization’s transformation include; 
 The preparation and deployment of young people who are equipped with advanced skills about Intelligence and security including analyzing, financial crime, intelligence’s role in counter-terrorism, etc.

 The innovation and creation of the Institute for National Security Studies.

This contributed to the trust, confidence and respected NISA gained in the same way as its counterparts. 
 The creation of the system to keep and protect personal data for government employees, security forces, and private agencies. This has assisted to stop and eliminate the terrorist desire to have someone in all government offices, inside security forces, councils, and other institutions 
 The building and improving the NISA headquarter in terms of equipment, structure, systems, and competence of staff is part of the transformed capacity that makes NISA headquarter like the headquarters of its counterpart.

Finally, the rise of the NISA’s reputation now is also due to the crippling and weakening Terrorists. Reducing the terrorist explosions to a minimum with a minimal effect, reducing and almost eliminating the daily tracking and killing of people in Mogadishu. Reducing attacks and explosions of main Hotels in Mogadishu has generally improved the life of the ordinary citizen and the civic live of Mogadishu.

Dr. Adam Ali

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