Sen Dubbe: Council of Ministers ‘condemn’ events of the 27th


Mogadishu, Somalia

The embattled Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble chaired the final meeting of the Somali Cabinet in 2021 yesterday afternoon which saw a number of significant topics discussed.

Speaking to the media, the Somali Minister of Information, Senator Osman Dubbe stated that the first topic of discussion was the “attempt to place soldiers” at the Prime Minister’s Office in Villa Somalia. Sen Dubbe outlined that the Cabinet wholeheartedly condemned the actions and setup an investigative committee to “identify individuals involved”.

This committee will be setup by the Prime Minister.

Dubbe went on to explain that the Cabinet also supports the Prime Minister’s efforts to hold the National Consultative Council meeting and complete the elections as soon as possible.

Financial Statement & Election Security

Cabinet signed off the closing financial statement for 2020-2021 period completed by the Ministry of Finance and the Auditor General’s Office.

Lastly, Minister Dubbe elucidated that the Cabinet reviewed the security system in place, setup by the Cabinet previously. Ministers showed continued support for the National Election Security Committee composing of senior security officials from all the various Somali security agencies, focusing more specifically on the capital.

This comes following the return of rebels units of the Somali National Army loyal to the opposition known as ‘Badbaado Qaran’ in the capital in recent days as a result of the political tensions between the President and his Prime Minister over allegations of corruption made against the PM by former General of the Somali Navy, Gen. Abdulhamid Dirir.


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