PRESS RELEASE: The Sool, Sanaag & Ayn Regions of Somalia Community Leaders: Traditional Elders of Sool, Sanaag & Ayn (SSC). Guurti and Community Leaders of SSC

PRESS RELEASE (For Immediate Release)

Thursday June 12th, 2018

The Sool, Sanaag & Ayn Regions of Somalia Community Leaders:

  1. Traditional Elders of Sool, Sanaag & Ayn (SSC).
  2. Guurti and Community Leaders of SSC

In order to end the fighting, killings, displacement, suffering, pressure and threats regularly visited upon the people of Sool, Sanag & Cayn (SSC) regions of Somalia, We the Undersigned:

  1. Declare that the people who are most affected by the conflicts in the Sool, Sanaag and Ayn regions are the indigenous people living in these regions who are subjected to untold suffering including death, injury and displacement.
  2. Call upon the Federal agencies responsible for disaster relief and the international humanitarian organizations to help the people affected by this conflict immediately in a sufficient manner that can alleviate their suffering.
  3. Call for an immediate end to the occupation, oppression and brutality   visited on the SSC people, especially in Lasanod the capital city. Since the attack of Tukaraq by Somaliland, many people in the SSC are injured and jailed for engaging in peaceful demonstrations against the presence of Somaliland forces in their homeland.
  4. Declare that the claims of the Somaliland administration that these regions are part of its territories are unfounded and are not supported by the facts.                                                                                                                                                                                 
  5. Declare that no region can forcefully rule over another and impose its authority at gun point. 
  6. Declare that the people of the SSC believe in the unity of Somalia, for which they have long struggled and paid for in blood and treasury, and that secession cannot be forced at gun point.
  7. Welcome the support of the Puntland State of Somalia in guarding Somali Unity and in protecting and supporting the rights and dignity of the people of the SSC.
  8. Call upon the leaders of the Federal Government of Somalia to respect and recognize the rights of the SSC to determine the future of their territories like every other region in Somalia.
  9. Call upon the international community to address the core issue at hand which is the need for the self-determination of the people of the long-suffering SSC regions just as Somaliland makes the argument for its own self-rule.
  10. Call upon all concerned that no discussion or resolution to the fighting and insecurity in the SSC regions can be successful without the full-fledged involvement and engagement of the people of the SSC. Only they are responsible for the political future of their region.
  11. Call for the peaceful co-existence of the Somali people in all the regions, as has been the case for time immemorial. 



Golaha Saree e Dhaqanka

1. Garaad Jaamac Garaad Cali Garaad Jaamac

2. Garaad Salebaan Garaad Maxamed Garaad Maxamuud

3. Garaad Cabdirizaaq Garaad Soofe

4. Suldaan Siciid Cismaan Cali

5. Garaad Maxamuud Cismaan Mashqare

6. Garaad Cabdisalaan Xasan

7. Garaad Salebaan Buraale Aadan

8. Ugaas Maxamed Cabdullaahi Ciise

9. Garaad Muktaar Garaad Cali Buraale

10. Boqor Cabdullaahi Axmed Cali

11. Ugaas Faarax Maxamed Cali


Guurtida iyo Waxgaradka SSC

1. Dr, Cali Ciise Cabdi

2. Abshir Cawil Cabdi Dhiif

3. Cabdikariim Xasan Jaamac

4. Cali Xaaji Cige Cabdulle

5. Cabdirashiid Macallim Faarax

6. Col. Ismaciil Axmed Cumar


7. Shiikh Cabdifataax Maxamed Cali

8. Col. Maxamed Jaamac Halac (Madaxweynihii hore ee Khaatumo)

9. Axmed Maxamed Gacmayare

10. Cabdiqaadir Firdhiye


11. Dr. Ibraahin Cali Koore

12. Dool Axmed Dhegaweyne

13. Salebaan Cabdi Madoobe


14. Ex Xildhibaan Cabulwaahid Abdullahi Jaamac


15. Cismaan Xasan Cumar (Badawi)

16. Ex Xildhibaan Cabdirashiid Maxamed


17. Cigaal Xasan Jaamac

18. Cabdirashiid Maxamed Cabdi (Dhaganaban)


19. Mahdi Maxamed Cali

20. Col. Cali Xasan Axmed Sabaray


21. Cabdiqani Robeeye

22. Axmed Jaamac Fuudhbool

23. Axmed Maxamed Aaadan (Tabatiig)


24. Cabdirashiid Boos


25. Jaamac Cali Salebaan

26. Cabdikariim Faarax Dhaaye


27. Maxamuud Cali Jaamac

28. Cabdillahi Dalmar


29. Axmed Xaafuuni

30. Col. Maxamed Cumar Cigaal


31. Mataan Xasan


32. Safia Cali Caateeye

33. Saynab Xasan Barre

34. Sahra Cali Dheere


35. Yaasmiin Jaamac Jaamac Cabdi Bile

36. Sahra Kiin Kilwe Cali Kaarshe


37. Siciido Sahal Bulxan

38. Marian Goonle


39. Firdoos Ibraahin Cali Shire


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