LATEST: President Farmaajo releases a Presidential Order suspending Prime Minister Rooble


Mogadishu, Somalia

The President of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has released a Presidential Order which temporarily  suspended the Prime Minister’s legal powers.

In a statement published by Villa Somalia, the Presidency cited the following legal texts as the underlining powers:

  • Article 87 of the Somali Provisional Constitution which confers upon the President the duty to promote basic principles of the Constitution
  • Presidential Decree regarding the protection of public lands in accordance with Article 43 of the Provisional Constitution which was issued on the 18th of January, 2018
  • A law banning the misuse and misappropriation of public property during the elections came into effect on 27 October 2021

Villa Somalia elucidated that the Prime Minister engaged in actions which are contrary to the above laws and constitutional duties bestowed upon the First Minister, accusing the PM of corruption including:

  1. Encroachment of public land owned by the Somali National Army
  2. Putting political pressure on the former Minister of Defence, Hussein Hajji to tamper with the investigation into the alleged encroachment on SNA property stated by Chief of Somali Navy, General Abdihamid Dirir
  3. Reshuffling of the Cabinet by the Prime Minister before the completion of the on-going investigation by the SNA over abuse of public lands owned by SNA.

Allegations of Corruption against the PM

The General of the Somali Navy, Gen. Abdihamid Dirir appeared on video last week in which he accused senior officials within the Somali Federal Government led by Prime Minister Mohamed Rooble to have been in an illegal land-grab of land owned by Somali Navy in Mogadishu.

Accusations were adamantly denied by PM-appointed Government Minister Gen. Bashir Gobe. In a televised response to accusations, the General vehermentally denied alleges conveyed by Gen. Dirir and instead questioning the legality of a General within the Somali Army discussing such topics concerning political officials.

The President has relieved General Dirir of his duties following the revelations.

Outrageous Statement

The Office of the PM has labelled statements from Villa Somalia as ‘outrageous‘, instead accusing the President of “a failed attempt to militarily take over the OPM“, referring to such actions as “violation of the constitution & other laws“.

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LATEST: President Farmaajo releases a Presidential Order suspending Prime Minister Rooble
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