In Sidney, Portman Visits Sapa Extrusions, Continues Efforts to Protect Ohio Jobs & Fight Unfair Imports.

Tuesday, February 21

In Sidney, Portman Visits Sapa Extrusions, Continues Efforts to Protect Ohio Jobs & Fight Unfair Imports

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) visited Sapa Extrusions in Sidney, Ohio Tuesday to meet with company leadership and tour their facilities. Portman saw firsthand the Ohio aluminum manufacturing jobs that he has been working hard to protect.

Here in Ohio at companies like Sapa Extrusions, we have the best workers in the world.  They can compete and win against competition from anywhere in the world.  All they need is a level playing field,” said Portman. “My focus each and every day is to protect Ohio jobs, including those right here at Sapa, and I’m working to help put an end to the layoffs in the aluminum industry that have hurt Ohio workers and our communities. At my urging, I’m pleased that the administration is standing up for aluminum producers and manufacturers at the WTO.  I’ve also worked to enact legislation like the Leveling the Playing Field Act, which gives domestic industries like Sapa more tools to fight unfair trade practices. We’ve won some important trade enforcement cases with these new tools and I will continue to urge the administration to crack down on unfair imports and protect Ohio jobs.”

Portman has worked to help Ohio manufacturers win trade enforcement cases to support our workers and ensure that foreign competitors are playing by the rules.  In early January, former U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman launched a World Trade Organization (WTO) case, at the urging of Senator Portman, against China to address aluminum overcapacity, which hurts American manufacturers and their workers. Portman is also the author of the ENFORCE Actand the Leveling the Playing Field Act, legislation that is already paying dividends for Ohio’s steelworkers.

In East Liberty, Portman Visits Transportation Research Center & NHTSA Vehicle Testing and Research Center

Portman visited the Transportation Research Center (TRC) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Testing and Research Center in East Liberty, where he saw firsthand how TRC Ohio has become a global leader in autonomous vehicle research development.

“Central Ohio is quickly becoming a model for the rest of the country on how to use smart transportation to help create economic growth and expand opportunity, and TRC Ohio is playing a big role in that,” said Portman.  “I was proud to help keep the one-of-a-kind NHTSA federal testing facility in Ohio at this proving ground, and saw firsthand how these workers are keeping us safe on the roads.  I was also pleased to see how TRC plans to utilize the millions in new state investment to boost jobs and economic development.  And I was happy to learn that my work to help secure millions in federal dollars for the 33 Corridor and the Columbus SMART Cities will help boost the TRC’s investment in order to attract more visitors to Ohio and make commuting easier for local residents, all while providing a new source of jobs and economic development for the region.  I look forward to working with TRC to help them get a designation for autonomous vehicle testing from the U.S. Department of Transportation.  And I look forward to working with the TRC, NHTSA, and the OSU Center for Automotive Research in the future to make sure they achieves their goals.”

Last month, Portman commended the announcement that the State of Ohio plans to invest millions at the Transportation Research Center and the OSU Center for Automotive Research Center to boost jobs and economic development in Central Ohio.  This investment builds on the Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge won by Columbus in June of 2016, which Portman was instrumental in helping secure.  In addition, Portman worked to protect the NHTSA testing center in East Liberty by urging the General Services Administration (GSA) to keep its facility there after plans had been made to change locations. Following Portman’s letter, the GSA announced that the location would stay.

For photos of the event, go here.

Portman, Brown Introduce Bipartisan ACE Kids Act to Help Make Sure Children Get Care They Need

Senators Portman and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) this week reintroduced their bipartisan bill to improve health outcomes and care coordination for children with complex medical conditions on Medicaid.

This is a common-sense bill that will help to ensure sick kids have better access to quality care,” Portman said. “By improving coordination among pediatric providers, we will begin to make life easier for these children and their families.”

For more information about the bill, go here.

Wednesday, February 22

In Holland, Portman Meets with Recovering Addicts, Discusses Bipartisan Efforts to Fight Heroin Addiction

Portman met with recovering drug addicts at Racing for Recovery in Holland, Ohio, and issued the following statement after his visit:

“Every community in Ohio, including Holland, is feeling the effects of the heroin and prescription drug epidemic. It was moving for me to get the opportunity to meet with patients in recovery and hear their stories, and how Racing for Recovery has helped them.  I discussed our work to help make progress in the fight against heroin addiction.  Whether it is the new grant programs from my Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act that are already underway, $1 billion in new funding I helped secure for this cause, or the new bipartisan STOP Act I recently introduced, we’re taking positive steps to help those on the frontlines of this epidemic, as well as those suffering from addiction.  I am more committed than ever to working with our partners in the state to fight this disease.”

Portman has toured the state meeting with those in recovery and those on the front lines dealing with the heroin and prescription epidemic, including in Toledo last year where helaunched a safe medication disposal kiosk program at a local Walgreens. As the author of the recently signed-into-law and bipartisanComprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act (CARA), Senator Portman has helped lead the national effort to combat this epidemic that is devastating communities across Ohio and our country.  Portman also recently introduced the bipartisan Synthetics Trafficking & Overdose Prevention (STOP) Actwhich is designed to help stop dangerous synthetic drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil from being shipped through our borders to drug traffickers here in the United States.

To see photos of the event, go here.

In Clyde, Portman Holds Town Hall Meeting with Whirlpool Employees

Portman visited the Whirlpool plant in Clyde, Ohio on Wednesday that employs more than 3,000 Ohio workers. Portman toured the plant and spoke with employees and plant leadership during an employee town hall meeting to discuss his work on behalf of Whirlpool and its employees and to hear how he can continue to help Ohio workers.

“The workers here in Clyde make a world-class product as efficiently as anyone, and they are doing it all right here in the U.S. at plants like this one because they know that we have the most skilled workforce anywhere in the world. With a washer coming off the assembly line every four seconds and dozens of state-of-the-art autonomous vehicles buzzing around the floor, it’s easy to see why Whirlpool is investing in Clyde,” said Senator Portman. “I held a town hall meeting with Whirlpool employees today to discuss our efforts to help them compete on a level playing field with foreign competition, and I appreciated hearing from them.  I will continue my work to crack down on unfair imports and ensure that the workers in Ohio like those I met today get a fair shake. With a level playing field, they can compete with anyone.”

For more information about the visit and to see photos from his trip, go here

In Fremont, Portman Hosts Roundtable on Heroin Addiction

Portman hosted a roundtable discussion on heroin addiction with Fremont Mayor Dan Sanchez, three addiction service providers and six patients currently in recovery. This roundtable follows a meeting Portman held this morning at Racing for Recovery where he met with patients in recovery from addiction.

“Out of all the tragic stories I heard today about the drug addiction epidemic and its effects, the most important takeaway from my conversations with those in recovery and those on the front lines of this epidemic is that there is hope. Communities are becoming more and more aware of the devastating effects of this epidemic, and they are fighting back,” said Senator Portman. “I’m proud to work with the mayor and others leading the fight here in Fremont, and to do my part by passing the historic CARA legislation, pushing for and receiving $1 billion in new funding, and just recently, introducing the STOP Act to help stop this new wave of deadly synthetic heroins I hear about all over Ohio. I’ll be taking the stories I heard today in Holland and here in Fremont back to Washington to help me urge my Senate colleagues to join me in taking additional action to combat this heroin and prescription drug epidemic.”

For more information about the visit and to see photos from his trip, go here.

Thursday, February 23

In Cincinnati, Portman Talks to Constituents

Thursday afternoon, Portman spoke with constituents calling in to his Cincinnati office to discuss their concerns on a variety of issues.

Friday, February 24 

In Columbus, Portman Hosts Workshop to Help Local Providers Secure Resources to Tackle Drug Epidemic

Friday morning, Portman co-hosted a workshop at Columbus State Community College designed to help local communities secure additional resources to tackle the heroin and prescription drug epidemic. Portman brought together officials from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction and other public agencies to provide a comprehensive overview of how Ohioans can get access to new federal resources to combat the epidemic.

“The solution to this epidemic of drug addiction is not going to come from Washington; it’s going to come from our local communities. But with CARA now the law of the land, the federal government is going to be a better partner with states and local communities in this fight,” Senator Portman said. “In just the past year, we’ve worked to secure more than $1 billion in new investments in states, local governments, and non-profit organizations to try to turn the tide. I’m going to be a strong advocate for Ohio to receive this funding and do everything I can to assist in the grant application process for those who are helping some of the most vulnerable among us.”

Portman has been a leader in the fight for more funding to combat this crisis. Portman worked to secure $1 billion in new funding for state grants to fight opioid abuse in the recently signed-into-law CURES Act and $181 million annually in discretionary spending for new programs through his recently signed-into-law and bipartisanComprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act(CARA).

For more information about the visit and to see photos from his trip, go here.

Portman Meets With Cleveland Employers, Receives Input on Creating Jobs Through Tax Reform

In Cleveland, Portman hosted a roundtable with the Greater Cleveland Partnership, northeast Ohio’s premier economic development organization, on fixing our broken tax code to create more jobs with better wages right here in Ohio. Portman received input from more than two dozen representatives of Cleveland employers on how Portman’s tax reform efforts could help them create more jobs.

“I got a lot of valuable feedback today,” Senator Portman said. “And what I heard loud and clear was the same thing that business leaders across Ohio tell me wherever I go: that our tax code is too burdensome, too complicated, and decades out of date. Our broken tax code is encouraging our companies to take jobs and investments overseas; it’s making it easier for foreign companies to buy up our companies, and it’s making it harder to create jobs and raise wages in America. We need to reform our code so that we give Ohio workers a competitive advantage, and I’m working with my colleagues in the United States Senate right now to do just that.”

NOTE: Portman’s top priority in the Senate continues to be creating more Ohio jobs with better wages, and he has the record to prove it. In recentinterviews, Portman has described the urgent need to fix our tax code and reduce burdensome regulations that undermine job creation in America. For his work on these issues, Portman has been named a “Hero of Main Street” and “Fiscal Hero.”

In 2015, Portman reached a bipartisan agreement with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who is now the Senate Minority Leader, on a framework for international tax reform, an effort that could serve as a basis for broader reforms.

To see photos of the event, go here.

Portman Praises President’s Action on Regulatory Reform to Reduce Costly Red Tape

Portman welcomed President Trump’s executive action on regulatory reform, saying it is an important step towards reducing burdensome red tape that undermines job creation and economic growth. He issued the following statement:

“We need a smarter regulatory process that promotes job creation, innovation, and economic growth. The president’s action today provides more accountability to this effort by establishing task forces to identify inefficient and outdated regulations, requiring agencies to measure and report on progress in accomplishing the President’s regulatory reform objectives, and providing a point of contact at each agency who is charged with addressing regulatory reform.  In the coming weeks, I plan to introduce the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would help ensure we have a less costly, more stable regulatory environment that will spur job creation and investment in America. The House has already passed its version of this common-sense legislation, and the Senate should do the same.”

NOTE: Senator Portman plans to introduce the Senate version of the Regulatory Accountability Act. He has been the lead author of this regulatory reform effort in previous Congresses.  The Regulatory Accountability Act would reform the federal regulatory process by requiring cost-benefit analysis across all agencies, improving transparency in the rulemaking process, and providing a more rigorous examination of facts underlying the most expensive rules.  The House of Representative passed the House version of the Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 5) on January 11 by a vote of 238-183.

In Leetonia, Portman Holds Town Hall Meeting with Pennex Employees

Friday afternoon, Portman visited Pennex Aluminum Company in Leetonia, Ohio today to meet with company leadership, tour their facilities, and hold a town hall with its employees. Portman met with many Ohio aluminum manufacturing workers whose jobs he has been working hard to protect.

“It was a privilege for me to have a town hall meeting with these Ohio workers today about the issues they are concerned about, like jobs, the rising cost of living and the threat of unfair imports,” Portman said. “Unfortunately, aluminum manufacturers like Pennex have been hit from all sides by dishonest trade practices like illegal dumping by China. Ohio workers like these are the reason why I authored the Leveling the Playing Field Act, helped pass the ENFORCE Act, and have advocated for Ohioans in dozens of trade cases. I’m going to keep advocating for these highly skilled workers and I’m going to keep working to ensure that they have the level playing field they deserve.”

NOTE: Portman has worked to help Ohio manufacturers win trade enforcement cases to support our workers and ensure that foreign competitors are playing by the rules.  In early January, former U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman launched a World Trade Organization (WTO) case, at the urging of Senator Portman, against China to address aluminum overcapacity, which hurts American manufacturers and their workers. Portman is also the author of the ENFORCE Actand the Leveling the Playing Field Act, legislation that is already paying dividends for Ohio’s steelworkers.

To see photos of the event, go here.

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Stop trafficking of synthetic heroin through the mail

Addiction to heroin and prescription drugs is an epidemic spreading across our country. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death, taking one American life every 12 minutes…

We have strong reasons to believe that this epidemic is getting worse, not better.

This month, the US-China Commission issued a disturbing new report on the influx of Chinese fentanyl — a synthetic form of heroin that can be up to 50 times more powerful than heroin and even 100 times more powerful than morphine.


(“Stop trafficking of synthetic heroin through the mail,” Rob Portman and Amy Klobuchar, Editorial, CNN. February 21, 2017).

Sen. Portman visits recovering addicts at Holland nonprofit 

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) met with a few dozen recovering addicts today at a Racing for Recovery event in Holland.

The federally approved nonprofit organization is run by Todd Crandell, a licensed counselor who has been sober since 1993. Mr. Portman authored the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act, which was recently signed into law, and introduced the Synthetics Trafficking & Overdose Prevention Act.

“I heard some powerful testimony from some individuals who feel like this program saved their lives,” Mr. Portman said. “We have a huge problem in our state and in our country right now. Education and prevention are key, but we’ve also got to focus on better treatment and recovery.”

Mr. Portman has toured Ohio to meet with patients in recovery. He is hosting a round-table event today at Terra State Community College in Fremont with Mayor Dan Sanchez.

(“Sen. Portman visits recovering addicts at Holland nonprofit,” Staff. Toledo Blade. February 21, 2017)

Portman tours Sapa Extrusions

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, visited Sidney Tuesday, Feb. 21, when he toured the facilities at Sapa Extrusions Inc., 401 N Stolle Ave. Sidney. Sapa offers advanced aluminum fabrication and contract manufacturing services for the automobile, truck, and agricultural machinery industry.

“I came to see local employees in action, to witness the manufacturing process firsthand, it’s encouraging to see that level of expertise exists here in Sidney and elsewhere across the State of Ohio.” Portman said.

While at Sapa Portman met with company leadership to assure them he has their best interest at heart and highlighted his efforts to protect Ohio jobs. He also addressed “aluminum overcapacity” and efforts insure a better future through enforcement of fair trade laws and further legislation to control the amount and quality of aluminum being “dumped” in the US by China and other nations. “It is hurting local industry and others across the United States” said Portman, “And we are working hard to remedy the situation.”


(“Portman tours Sapa Extrusions,” Matt Clayton. Sidney Daily News. February 22, 2017)

Portman wants to keep TRC visible at federal level

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman visited Logan County on Tuesday, not for a gala event, but for a quiet tour of a facility where cutting edge research is taking place.

“I wanted to see the work not only being at done at TRC but also NHTSA,” he said after the hourlong tour that included a run around the test track at speeds in excess of 80 mph. “It’s a collaboration unlike anywhere else in the country.”


(“Portman wants to keep TRC visible at federal level,” Reuben Mees. Bellefontaine Examiner. February 22, 2017)

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