Why do Somali youth migrate to Overseas?


Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa; the country’s government collapsed in 1990th

during that time thousands of Somali people fled from the country due to insecurity and

heavy fighting between sides toppled by the government and as well civil wars among clans.

Despite enormous challenges arose, many families preferred to remain in the country; a lot of

children were born by that time and grew up in lawless country, they saw militants killing

civilians, looting properties and they didn’t get education, health and so on.

As the time goes by, the country’s situation has shifted to another stages where many states

and militants anti transitional and federal government had emerged. The youth were the

witness to all these trends and experienced to the hardship which resulted the youth to be

unemployed, illiterate and unskilled.

However, the last population census issued by Somali federal government says that the

country’s population is around 12 million people in which 75% are youth, UNDP revealed

the unemployment rate for youths in Somalia to be among the highest in the world, at a

startling 67% among all 14 to 29-year olds.

Who is Youth?

Youth is the time of life when one is young, but often means the time

between childhood and adulthood (maturity) the ages of 15 and 35. According to Somali

Constitution Youth is defined as any person under 18 years of age.

Many young people of the Republic of Somalia continues to migrate to another countries

illegally, mainly because of lack of work. They pass through Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya

towards Europe.

The high unemployment rate is one of the main factors of this phenomenon, even if it

involves serious risks of abuse, debt, deportation and detention for these victims. In addition,

young people with a higher education are much more likely to leave the country. In fact,

while the first years of study they are happy and full of enthusiasm for the future, when they

are about to finish they lose confidence because they see their peers who have graduated

unemployed and are thinking of emigrating.

The causes of Illegal migration can be:

 Unemployment

 Poverty

 War

 Corruption in Government

 Ethicity problems

The main challenges that Somali Youth are experiencing today are:

1. Decision-making : Although they make up the majority of society they are

completely excluded from processes of making decisions even though these decisions

determine their future.

2. Lack of economic infrastructure: The absence of basic ecoonomic infrastruccture

and a lack of social services fuel up high rate of unemployment among the young

generation; 67% of Somali youth are estimated to be unemployed.

3. Poor Government Policites : which leads to lack of any clear and promising policies

that will help to overcome the issues which triggers emigration, violence and youth


Finally, Thousands of Somali youth are drawning in the Mediterranean and red sea in search

of better life and the Somali government aren’t making nor planning any strategies to

overcoming this problems.

My suggestion to the Somali federal government and also state administrations to create

plans for the youth and give them essential skills for their life and reduce civil strife which is

fueling youth migration.

Author: Bukhaari Abdikarim Ahmed

BA : Social Science , Department of Develeopment Studies

Email: wadde1989@gmail.com

Facebook : Bukhaari Wade Debay

Somali Youth Activist ………………..

Short URL: http://horufadhimedia.com/?p=14037

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